About us

The law firm Chojniak i Wspólnicy Adwokaci sp.p. was established as a result of combining the professional experience of Attorney-at-Law Łukasz Chojniak, Ph.D., Attorney-at-Law Łukasz Wiśniewski and Attorney-at-Law Wojciech Czajka as well as persons who had been cooperating with them for a number of years.

Chojniak i Wspólnicy Adwokaci CHW

We make up a team of lawyers who keep broadening their knowledge and experience in their everyday work, offering comprehensive legal services to our clients in various areas of the law.

Members of our team

łukasz chojniak chw

Łukasz Chojniak


Łukasz Wiśniewski CHW

Łukasz Wiśniewski


Wojciech Czajka CHW

Wojciech Czajka


Magdalena Michniewicz


Maciej Piotrowski CHW

Maciej Piotrowski


Anna Socik-Sadowska CHW

Anna Socik-Sadowska


Jan Wojcieszek CHW

Jan Wojcieszek


Anna Nowicka CHW

Anna Nowicka-Osuch

Of Counsel

Iwona Dembowska CHW

Iwona Dembowska


Julia Kowalska CHW

Julia Kowalska


Jakub Wawrzyszczak CHW

Jakub Wawrzyszczak


Maciej Wiśniewski CHW

Maciej Wiśniewski


Ewelina Bereza CHW

Ewelina Bereza


Paulina Bienias CHW

Paulina Bienias


Joanna Lipka CHW

Joanna Lipka


What sets us apart

  • High efficiency

We provide legal assistance both to natural persons as well business entities. We value your time therefore we operate efficiently and consistently pursue the assumed objectives.

  • Customized approach

What sets us apart is close cooperation with Clients. We are open and make effort to meet your expectations, bearing in mind that each case is different and requires a customized approach.

  • Knowledge and experience

We are involved also in scientific activity, in non-governmental organizations and the professional self-government. We do not apply schematic solutions but rather combine extensive practice with academic knowledge to be able to propose to you any possible solutions of the problem presented to us. We believe that the best recommendation for a lawyer is his or her effectiveness and the best advertisement – being recommended by a satisfied Client.

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